Monday, February 28, 2011

Where are you, Spring???

It has been, quite literally, the third snowiest winter in CT history. I. Am. Over. It. I am wearing a tank top on the first day it reaches above 50. I will be the quintessential college-girl-with-spring-fever-who-will-wear-spaghetti-straps-on-the-first-nice-day-of-the-year. Except I'm not in college. And I don't care. Where are you, Spring???

Monday, October 11, 2010

End of Times?

I just saw that Hilary Duff is publishing a supernatural thriller. Four horsemen are sure to follow.

Measure Your Success

The new measurement of success: tricking a toddler into eating vegetables and lunch when she clearly is not in the mood.

***Disclaimer: She normally loves broccoli and will eat happily. Today was the exception.****

1. Sad broccoli victims strewn on floor, a result from a dictator ruling from a high chair. Princess did not want to eat her broccoli.

2. Mom thinks she is getting smart and puts broccoli in a quesadilla, the food which hides everything. Princess not fooled and clearly not amused.

3. Mom truly gets smart this time. Pretends to eat the quesadilla while standing, which greatly increases the desirability of any food.

4. Dictator back in high chair, happily eating lunch.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lemon Tea for the Soul

I moved to New England in May from Virginia. This is my first real fall in awhile. Usually we go pumpkin picking in short-sleeve shirts and jeans--not because we can't wear shorts but because it is the one way to stick it to the season. Hot weather be darned, we are wearing jeans!

So now I sit here on my couch, lemon tea in hand, sweatshirt on back. It is still raining, but now it is colder. And we don't have heat. But it made me appreciate today. We complain about so much: global warming, recessions, wars, not having enough, having too much, democrats, republicans ... on and on.

So today, I challenge you not to complain. Instead, think of the things you don't have at the moment and find a way to be grateful.

I, like so many in the world, do not have heat. But later I will. And the rain has stained the trunks on the pine trees outside my house an intense dark color that I find particularly lovely. Thank you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rain, Rain ... Stay

This morning brought about a welcome change---cool, gray clouds bursting with rain. Some might wish it away, but I revel in what rain allows us to do: nothing. Every day, we feel we should do something. And we should. But all the time? No.

Today I will take my baby daughter to the library and let her explore. Then we will come back and sit on the floor. We will watch Sesame Street because a little TV never hurt anyone. Rain gives us an excuse, even though we shouldn't always need one.

Thank you, Rain.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Every story has a beginning....

New story I just started...all material is original.

There is a short time on certain June mornings in Richmond when the humidity kisses your skin instead of coating it. The air damp yet still cool, like when your mother would lay a moist cloth on your forehead. Later in the day, the sun will heat the humidity, trapping the air around you. June mornings still have that coolness, something that the later, oppressive summer months of July and August do not. Later, though, I would miss even those months.

The boxes arrive on a Tuesday morning from U-Haul. Free shipping on orders over $99. I remark to Jeremy that it was funny we were shipped boxes just to turn around, fill them with our stuff and ship them back out. “Not really,” he said.

I stood in the square living room, shoved between a couch and a coffee table. “If we were married, this would be easier.”

He said it was like we were practically married. “Not really,” I muttered.

In the end, though, I guess it kind of was like we were married. Even married people leave each other sometimes.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Oh, I can't hardly wait! Having spent some time in D.C. in college and having lived in Virginia for my whole 29 years until 2 months ago.....D.C. is close to my heart. I can't wait to see what these ladies do for the town. In a town where so much backstabbing is done behind closed doors, it'll be a refreshing change to see it in front of the cameras (and voluntarily so).

Oh! And Don Draper returns for "Mad Men" tomorrow night...when will I find time to care for my child with all this fun TV? ;-)